What is a Premium Account?

With a Premium Account you can download without any wait-times and limits.
Just open a Rapidgator link and the download will start!




Where can i buy a Premium Account?

Visit our shop site located at: Upgrade To Premium You can choose one of our payment solution and pay directly, you can use it after 30 seconds!


I want to buy premium, what to do?

Just visit our shop and buy it from several payment solutions. You dont need anything, only an valid email address because we send account login information by email.


I have already an free account, can i get Premium too?

Yes, sure! Please Click HERE  if you want to upgrade your account. You can pay via payment.


I have Premium Account, but slow download?

If you are really premium user and your download is slow, please contact us. Please include following informations:

- Country you Live

- Download speed you get

- Download speed you can get with your Connection usually

- Which file you have downloaded

Additional you can include your internet provider and browser.


How do I download RG files?

To download files from Rapidgator & K2S , you must access the files from the unique sharing URLs provided to the person who uploaded the files.

For example:



Once you are on the download page for the file that you want to download, simply click the Regular Download button and the download should start after a little time. (in case you are a free account, or guests). If you are Premium User, you dont need to wait. Downloads will start directly.


I can’t download any files because of Javascript/Cookie/Errors.

Please enable Javascript and Cookies at your Browser.
- For Internet Explorer 6, 7, or higher:
To enable cookies, please go to Tools > Internet Options > Privacy, set it to Medium level or click default button, then click OK to confirm.
To enable Java Script, please go to Tools > Internet Options > Security > Custom Level, roll down until you find Active Scripting (near the bottom), set it to Enable, then click OK to confirm.

- For Firefox:
To enable cookies, please go to Tools > Options > Privacy, check Accept cookies from sites and Accept third-party cookies, then click OK to confirm.
To enable JavaScript, please go to Tools > Options > Content, check Enable JavasScript and click OK to confirm.
If you do not have a premium account, you have to deactivate a possible download accelerator or proxy software.
Sometimes your Internet Provider (ISP) are using filters/proxies. Please contact them about this issue.


Your system complaints about that I downloading/downloaded too much?

Our system checks your IP address in order to count the downloads. If you are getting this message and you really did not download anything, then you are using a proxy server, which is used by other people as well. Even if you have no proxy server set up in your configuration, there are many providers who force a transparent proxy servers between you and the net. If you do not believe us, go to other pages telling you your IP address (for example http://j.gs/3Qag). But what can you do? You have to disable this proxy server. If you are not able to disable the proxy server, the only solution IS a Premium account. Premium users are recognized by cookies, not by IP address. Unfortunately we cannot disable our IP check, else people would download so much that we would have to close down this service completely. I hope you understand our situation in this matter.

Please check your Browser, Download Manager/Accelerator etc. for proxyserver.


Can i resume broken downloads?

At this point, only Premium members can resume interrupted downloads. Free and guest users dont have this feature.


How many files can i download at the same time?

Unlimited as Premium. As free and guest user only 1 parallel download.


Can i use Download tools or Download accelerators?

Yes you can, but at this time we have no Download tools/accelerators. You may use any of the public accelerators: Jdownloader, Internet Download Manager, Mipony, Speedget, Download Accelerator Plus, GetRight, FlashGet and GoZilla …


My Download is really slow. Why?

Our Download is delivered only with the best quality.

Premium users have the highest priority > then free > and guest users.

If our download servers are busy, the speed is slow for guest and free users. Premium users dont have any speed or connection limits.

If you are getting slow downloads as premium user, please contact us immediately.